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Treatment Menu at The Imperial

Imperial Iconic Massage

The signature Iconic massage at The Imperial Spa incorporates a hot moisturizing candle massage, western healing, and balancing methods for your complete well-being. The Kansa wand releases natural healing energies, stimulates pressure points, eliminates impurities & offers
a thoroughly rejuvenating therapy that induces a peaceful state of quiet. The pure aromatic essential oils engulf the mind in tranquility.

60 minutes – INR 8500 | 90 minutes – INR 10500


This ancient practice that brings harmony to the body and mind begins with a long soothing stroke massage to initiate relaxation. Warm oils are poured slowly and continuously onto the forehead to calm and balance the mind. Deeply relaxing and an effective stress buster.

75 minutes INR 9000 | 120 minutes INR 13000


Revive memories to unwind with someone special and share combined wellness, within our private spa. The luxury opulence package starts with Imperial Iconic massage to prepare for further greatness, followed by ultimate diamond and pearl high-performance facials, for a soft & youthful looking skin. The journey continues with its own private steam/sauna, royal rose and milk bath with a glass of champagne and a fresh fruit platter on the side.

4 hrs INR 45000 for 2 persons


Fitness Massage
(The London School of Sports Massage)

Fitness Massage is a specialist and personalized area of Remedial Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue techniques which are applied to effectively treat musculoskeletal aches and pains. Treatment supports recovery from sports or repetitive strain injuries and occupational stress, improving posture and reducing pain or chronic discomfort.

Abhyanga Massage

Herbally infused hot oils are liberally applied to the body in traditional long smooth massage strokes of medium pressure to improve circulation throughout the bodily system.

Tri Doshi facial

Ayurvedic skin care remedies are blended to treat specific skin conditions based on whether your skin has Kapha, Pitta, or Vatta tendencies or is a combination. A unique, enjoyable and traditional approach to holistic skin care. Not advised for sensitive skin conditions.
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potli massage at Kerala Suite at The Imperial Spa
Bespoke Retreats

We are always ready to find out how you would like to enjoy your stay with us so please email us at to receive our definitive Spa Menu. Bookings can be made via email directly with us.