The Imperial Spa

The Imperial Spa

Imbibing the wellness traditions and principles of Ayurveda, which was a way of life in early India, The Imperial spa’s philosophy is sealed with the knowledge ‘mudra’ where in the spa journey is curated to carefully balance the body, mind and soul.

The spa has a hand-picked range of bespoke essential oils and primary oils which are suitable for all skin types, for an absolutely personalized wellness experience in an exquisite environment of serenity and awakening.

From Nargis, to Oudh to Mandarin and Black pepper, the nine distinguished essential oils are carefully prepared with botanical herbs to suit your penchant for a luxurious spa journey, curated just for you.

A retreat within the city, The Imperial Spa is a sanctuary to discover the union of body, mind and soul. Intricate Moroccan architecture, beautifully interwoven with Moghul and Indian motifs create a sense of delicate luxury. Exquisite tikri work embellishes the walls of this labyrinth of arches, while poetic verses engraved at select points, enlighten the soul. The balances of design predominant in white marble corridors appease the eye and calm the mind, the moment you step in. The spa’s philosophy is on the principles of Ayurveda, which was a way of life in early India. The healing Ayurvedic healing rituals at the spa contain ‘miracle herbs’ that protect and nourish skin and heal internally and externally. Moringa, Indian gooseberry, country mallow, and many other botanical herbs have anti-inflammatory, restorative, anti-ageing and medicinal properties, to suite individual needs and requirements. These programs and innate methodologies can be combined with our resident Ayurvedic doctor’s consultation and applied by our Kerala therapists to assist in your private journey. Additionally, The Imperial Spa offers a vast range of primary and essential oils that are prepared to your preference, upon arrival.
potli massage at Kerala Suite at The Imperial Spa
Bespoke Retreats

We are always ready to find out how you would like to enjoy your stay with us so please email us at to receive our definitive Spa Menu. Bookings can be made via email directly with us.