Culinary Experience

The Imperial Culinary Club is an initiative to share with our patrons the finer nuances filled with rich and mysterious secrets of what makes ‘The Imperial’ cuisine so sought after! A unique and interactive platform to capture the culinary interest of cooking enthusiasts, it is a culinary class executed with the presentation of epicurean treasures in a live cookery show. Each session is full of exciting cuisines made either by the in-house chefs and The Imperial Senior Executive VP & GM- Vijay Wanchoo, who started his career as a chef and even highly skilled guest chefs on special occasions. The Club has arrested the interests of our discerning women guests with almost 37 sessions till date and with cuisines like Konkani with Tara Deshpande, Southern selection with Chandra Padmanabhan and other interesting sessions with Imperial chefs like Thai, Lebanese, Chocolate temptations, European, Kashmiri, Italian, Summer delights, Goan cuisine, Continental Brunch, Healthy Mediterranean cuisine, Pastries & Tarts etc.