OUR RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC : I CARE : A wellness initiative by the imperial

Besides protecting ourselves in these testing times, wherein the threat of COVID-19 looms large, we all are also settling ourselves in a new world order. Your home in New Delhi looks forward to welcoming you back with I CARE – A wellness initiative with our love and care and a fresh resolve to offer you, our dear patrons, a very safe and secure environment. Towards this endeavour, we have initiated and implemented high standards of hygiene backed by necessary hardware, processes and training.

We have introduced various measures and steps under I CARE for the safety of our valuable guests and associates, keeping in mind the World Health Organisation and local health authority guidelines. Some of these are listed below:

  • Our fleet of cars are completely sanitized after each ride. Also, procedures are in place for disinfection of all luggage entering the hotel.
  • An automated thermal scanner has been placed at the main porch to ensure that temperature readings of all guests entering the hotel are monitored. All Guests are required to sanitize their hands before entering the hotel lobby. We have also introduced a process of temperature screening of our guests at our Restaurants.
  • At check-in, guests are required to fill up a self declaration form comprising COVID-19 symptoms. A guest indicating any of the symptoms listed in this form is required to be examined by a doctor, prior to check-in. Procedures are in place to ensure that medical assistance is provided immediately to our guests, if required.
  • Through a detailed training regimen, we have ensured that all contact points across the hotel are regularly cleaned and disinfected with appropriate chemicals approved by health authorities.
  • Our Housekeeping associates have been trained to equip themselves with the necessary ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ while servicing guest rooms.
  • We have pioneered in introducing the ‘Sanipill Ozone Treatment’ program for disinfecting all guest items in the hotel. This technology enables the treatment of all items through the ozonation process which eliminates the need for chemical sanification.
  • Special electrostatic sprayers which are non toxic, human and environment friendly are available at the hotel entrances for disinfection. This includes the hotel main entrance, employee entrance and the material receiving area.
  • All supplies and materials are sanitised before being admitted into the hotel premises.
  • All our associates working in the hotel are required to provide a self declaration of their and their family member’s health status, which is constantly monitored. Furthermore, all associates entering the hotel premises are screened for their body temperature and procedures are in place in case any team member indicates COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Different areas across the hotel are equipped with contactless technology as far as possible to eliminate the risk for our guests. Some of these offerings include touchless mechanisms for check-in/check-out with the introduction of online applications at our Restaurants.
  • We are constantly emphasising on social distancing norms for the entire hotel for a safe guest experience and secure working conditions for our associates.
  • Our hotel has one of the finest ‘Food Safety & Hygiene Standards’ Laboratory, which is managed by a dedicated Hygiene Manager. We follow a comprehensive Food Safety Management system based on HACCP principles. Our food handlers have been thoroughly trained to ensure implementation of all hygiene protocols in the entire food chain from receiving of material to food service.
  • The seating in Restaurants and public areas has been adjusted to adhere to social distancing norms.
  • We have introduced Standard Operating Procedures and detailed checklists which are being followed in each area with regular monitoring and auditing.
  • Our associates have been trained to equip themselves with varying levels of Personal Protective Equipment in different areas, for our guests as well as their own safety. Masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes are also available for our guests.
  • All public areas have been equipped with touch free hand sanitizers for the convenience of our guests.
  • Professional Doctors and agencies are on standby for immediate medical assistance and sanitisation of all areas should any guest or team member be detected with a positive sign of COVID-19. A specific procedure has been introduced in case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis where a guest or a team member needs to be quarantined. Isolation rooms have also been identified in our hotel for this purpose.

All the above measures and processes are constantly monitored and assessed to ensure zero compromise on the safety of our valued guests and associates. To ensure that all standards and protocols are adhered to without any deviations, we have also set-up a COVID-19 Response Team within the hotel.

We pray for your safety & well-being and look forward to welcome you back at The Imperial.