Art tour with Hi- Tea

For a historic hotel like The Imperial, art is an important element to showcase the valuable heritage while it contributes to the repertoire and enhances The Imperial experience. Art is heavily showcased on each floor of our hotel and is an intrinsic part of our heritage. On every level of Imperial’s sprawling four storey structure, in every public area, in lobby, stairwells and canopies, adorning fountains and furniture, covering walls, keeping vigil from ceilings, cosying up in restaurants, accompanying you in royal carriages, in rooms graced with four- poster beds, for the lover of art, the progress through this maze can be delightfully unhurried.

The grandiose architecture of any art based hotel is duly complemented with thematic or historic art that it has preserved, restored and displayed. At The Imperial, the art is a tribute to the hotel’s and the nation’s glorious past.  The hotel has three main art galleries and a collection of life size oil paintings of the Princely Rulers of India. The First Floor strolls down the corridor of time and is aptly called ‘Views in Lucknow’ based on the siege and mutiny in Lucknow by Assistant Adjutant – General David Scott Dodgson. The Second Floor Main Corridor, facing the Art Deco wing, transports the viewer to the lush ‘Views of the Himalayas’ (1842) and its foothills wherein one could begin the spiritual journey of life and rediscover a newer self. The art theme on the third floor of The Imperial is dedicated to the grandeur, color and vibrancy of Northern India and its people. The hotel proudly displays a priceless art collection of the ‘British Art on India.’ The collection includes the works of great artists who worked in India in the late 17th and early 18th century and produced etchings, wood engravings, lithographs, aquatints and mezzotints based on sketches of landscapes, architecture, topography and life and times of India. Some of the prominent artists are Thomas and William DaniellsWilliam Simpson, William Hodges, John Zollony, James Ferguson, J.B. Fraser, Emily Eden, Charles D’Oyly among others.

No area of the hotel can be seen without the magical influence of Art which also forms and imparts a royal charm to its existence.

We have specialised Art Tours curated for the residents which usually lasts an hour and is accompanied with High Tea at a nominal price of INR 3000+applicable taxes. It is really worth booking an art tour of this remarkable collection, mainly focusing on British art in India from the 17th-19th centuries.

For booking this package, please call our Guest Relations Team at +91 11 41116306 or you can also write to them at